HSC has a long history of racing. In years past, fleets of 20 or more boats were not uncommon. Today the fleets are smaller but just as exciting.

The Mirror fleet is very active with 5 or more boats competing in the biweekly racing. We also have an active Albacore and Laser fleet. There are also Fireballs, Enterprises, Laser 2’s and Tasars which make regular appearances at our events, not to mention the junior sailors who keep us on our toes with their 420’s.

We run the events from inflatable’s which are equipped with the flags,horns and safety gear needed to properly officiate. Hollyburn members are more than willing to help new racers learn the rules and tactics.

The atmosphere is very relaxed, sailors come out to have fun in these friendly competitions. Afterwards in the clubhouse members can enjoy snacks and liquid refreshments while discussing the recent events.

Refer to the Events Calendar for details or for more information contact Fleet Captain [fleet@hollyburnsailingclub.ca]

Youth Race Team

The Hollyburn Summer Race Team runs each year and focuses on building the skills of seasoned racers while introducing new sailors to racing in a fun and safe environment. Individuals of all skill levels are encouraged to join and there is an emphasis on learning through competition and meeting new people while enjoying sailing as a lifelong sport. Many of our sailors are simply delighted by the opportunity to spend more time on the water and sail fast.

Sailors can choose from Laser’s, Radial’s, and 420’s. Each year, our growing team attends regattas across the province, and provides the opportunity to race the entire BC Circuit.

Practices include both theory and on-water training.
Knowledge of racing is not required but a minimum of level of CANSail 3 is recommended. Participation in the Youth Racing Team is restricted to junior or family members.

For more information contact the Race Team Captain [race@hollyburnsailingclub.ca]

2016 HSC Spring Surf Regatta

Sailing Instructions: Comming Soon
Registration: Via esportsdesk