New Members Welcome

Members of the executive and club members welcome you and your family and friends to Hollyburn Sailing Club. We hope you will enjoy many wonderful moments on the ocean in the watercraft of your choice, and on land by the seaside.

Over the course of the year we run races, social events and workshops which all are welcome to participate in. The club is open for your use any day of the year, and many sailors, kayakers, stand-up paddleboarders and rowboat enthusiasts continue to get out on the water during the winter months.

As a volunteer-based organization, we are always looking for help with race committee, social events, building maintenance, clean-up days and many other tasks.

All prospective members must undergo an interview prior to acceptance into the club. To arrange an acceptance interview, send an email request to

Membership Benefits

  • Boat storage with convenient water access
  • Storage lockers
  • Eligibility for rebates on club sailing lessons
  • Learn to kayak
  • Get the kids involved in sailing programs
  • Participate in club social events
  • Find others who love the water
  • Use the club’s boats to sail or kayak (co-op members only)
  • Use the downstairs workshops for boat repair and maintenance
  • Book the club for private social functions
  • Learn how to race and participate in friendly club racing
  • Shower Facilities
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Wireless Internet
  • South-facing deck with spectacular view, including BBQ facilities


In addition to the obvious activities of sailing and kayaking, the club also supports a wide range of social activities. These range from formal club-organised events to informal gatherings of friends and family at the beautifully-situated club-house.

The club hosts a number of musical events during the course of the year. Members may reserve the club-house for private functions as well (within the guidelines and rules of the club).

How to Join

To join the club, do the following:

  1. Review the web site for the information you need.
  2. If you have questions, contact the appropriate person on the Executive, as follows:
    • Boat Storage – Rear Commodore (Richard Howard ( )
    • Co-op Program (Sailing) – Co-op Captain (
    • Co-op Program (Kayaking) – Kayak Captain (
    • General Membership Enquiries – Membership Director (
  3. Prior to joining the club, arrange an acceptance interview by submitting an email to
  4. After passing the acceptance interview, download and complete the Membership Application Form
  5. Calculate the amount owing (including 5% GST) and write a cheque to Hollyburn Sailing Club.
  6. Mail the form and payment to the club’s mailing address.
  7. Allow up to two weeks for processing of your application.
  8. After submitting your application, the Membership Director will contact you after your application has been processed to arrange an orientation and provide an access fob.
  9. Membership fees are non-refundable.

Membership Fees

Membership Type Description Initiation Fee Annual Dues
Adult Individual, aged 19 to 64 years $225.00 $165.00
Family Husband, wife, children or single parent. Children must be under 19 or attending school full-time $310.00 $220.00
Junior Individual, Aged 10 to 18 inclusive $110.00 $85.00
Non-resident Previous Member, now resident outside Metro Vancouver area and not using the club’s storage facilities $155.00 $70.00
Senior Individual 65 years or older $155.00 $105.00

Other Fees

Fee Type Description Fees
Co-op Fees Co-op is for members 19+ Only. Co-op fees are for the use of the club’s co-op boats, and are in addition to memberrship fees. $165.00
Access Card Issue Fee Fee for replacement access cards for the club. $25.00

Note: Initiation Fees are in addition to Annual Dues, for new members. Initiation Fee includes one access card. Membership fees are non-refundable.

Boat Storage and Locker Rental Fees

Please note that there is no boat storage space available at present. Members may submit a request to the Membership Director to be placed on the boat storage wait-list. Note that boat storage spaces may be reassigned from time to time at the discretion of the Executive, in general with the goal of providing the better spaces to more active members.

Storage Space

Rack space dues include the use of the Club Launch Dollies.

Category Description Fees
Wooden Rack Byte, Laser, Topper etc. $255
Kayak, Canoe, SUP On Kayak Rack or on a Half, Shared Wooden Rack Space $190
Ground Space
Short (less than 13’) Mirror-11, West-coaster, Short Row-Boats, etc. $295
Medium (13’ to 15’) Albacore, Enterprise, 420, FJ, Javelin, Laser-II, NorthSydney-14, N’West-14, Tasar, Tyee-Spirit, Vanguard-15, Whitehall Rowboat $360
Long (more than 15’) CL-16, Fireball, Mirror-16, Wayfarer, etc $445
Hobie-14 (1.5 x Medium) $550
Hobie-16 (1.5 x Long) $625

Storage Space Rules:

  1. If you’ve chosen to store your boat in a particular storage category, you pay the fee for that category.
  2. If you boat is there because the appropriate storage is full, then you pay the fee for the appropriate storage with the caveat that as soon as an appropriate storage is available, your boat will be moved.


All lockers are wooden, approximately 30cm deep and located outside

Category Description Fees
Storage Locker – Regular Approximately 30cm wide x 115cm high $60
Storage Locker – Large Approximately 30cm wide x 175cm high or 50cm wide x 115cm high $85


  • 5% GST is included where applicable.
  • Boat Storage spaces are assigned by the Rear Commodore, after application and payment have been processed by the Membership Director. New applicants will be advised of availability of boat storage space. Fees may be refunded if space does not become available by year-end.
  • Boat ground storage space requires a launch dolly, as there is no room for road trailers.
  • Members must always sign the log book to record their boat usage.
  • Renewal applications for storage of inactive boats will not be processed and the Executive will require boat removal by the end of March.
  • Note that the club’s insurance does not cover members’ boats stored at the club. Members should ensure that their personal insurance covers any of their possessions stored at the club.