To all the volunteers who made the 2016 Wooden Boat Show such a great day:
If the objective of the Wooden Boat Show was to raise the level of public awareness of the club, AND to have some fun, I think to day was a great success. Fortunately we had great weather today, sunshine, but not too hot and not too cold, which brought the crowds out, and a great wind for the sailors who showed what the club is really all about.

p9117221Steve and Constantine played wonderful music at the gate all day, (how can they play for so long), thank you, your music enlivened the atmosphere of the show. Denise and her helpers created the best hot-dogs I have ever tasted, well done. Nora and her assistants helped kids build some really great model boats, in a kaleidoscope of colours. The volunteers on the gate presented a friendly face for the club to the passers-by, there seemed to be someone there asking questions every time i looked at the gate, thank you.

p9117228Commodore Mike was everywhere at once chatting with people, thanks for bringing Juanita, the magnificent Spanish historic boat.

And thanks to all of the wooden boat owners and exhibitors who were there throughout the day showing off their wonderful boats. I counted 20 wooden boats on display
A great day, enjoyed by all.

We showed everyone what a wonderful club we have.