The West Vancouver Secondary School (WVSS) team recently wrapped up for the year. We had a lovely BBQ the last day to celebrate and reflect on a successful season. It was wonderful to introduce a slightly older crowd of kids (14-18) to the sport of sailing. Every single one of them had overwhelmingly positive things to say about the HSC program, and those who live in Canada are really looking forward to it next year. The exchange students were very upset that they couldn’t return next year. From my (HSC instructor Kavi) perspective, the program was run extremely well, and I share the kid’s excitement for the seasons to come.

WVSS wanted to thank the executive for allowing this program to take place at Hollyburn Sailing Club. The teachers claimed it was a wonderful new addition to their school’s athletic division. They also wanted to thank all of the involved coaches for doing a terrific job introducing West Vancouver Secondary School students to the joys of sailing.