Congratulations to all volunteers and participants in the 2017 HSC Wooden Boat Show; this was the seventh Show and once more you showed the many visitors what a wonderful community based facility we have at the Hollyburn Sailing Club.

The wooden boats attracted a lot of attention from the visitors but there were so many other activities! The model boat building for kids organised by Nora and her helpers produced lots of boats built from the wooden hulls produced by Ian. Each one was unique, maybe their new owners will now grow up to be the future exhibitors in the show. The hot-dogs provided by Denise and her staff of kitchen volunteers were once again a big attraction bringing many first time visitors through the club and making them aware of our affordable on-the-water activities. Steve and Constantine were once more incredible, their music created the perfect atmosphere for the occasion and seemed to please everyone, including some impromptu dancers on Argyle.

This year many of the display boats were moved to the old public boat ramp parking to allow the Sunday race sailboats to launch in the middle of the day. The openness of this location seemed to attract many more people than in previous years to closely inspect the boats. It is amazing how many people had sailed “Fireballs” or “Mirrors” in their earlier years and reminisced about the boats.

The racing was great to watch just offshore, especially the competition between the teenage Race team in their Lasers and new RS Sailboats with the colorful spinnakers sailing against the older folk.

It was wonderful to see the beautiful wooden boats, everything from Tyke’s small “Sabot” and Ian’s “Wee Lassie” sailing canoe to the replica of “Juanita”, the Spanish longboat which explored the BC coast in 1791 and brought by Mike in addition to “Snowdrop”, his clinker built 1952 ex lifeboat with the original one cylinder gas engine. Matt’s rocket ship Paper jet “Tigger” was also very popular. The amount of varnish on the boats was dazzling in the sunshine which we were again very lucky to enjoy for the whole day.

Congratulations to everyone. Looking forward to do it again next year.