Maciej, HSC’s Kayak Captain, Lars, and Mike, the Urban Oarsman.

For the Full story and all the pictures, see the next edition of “The Spreader”.

On the long weekend in May, over three days, three intrepid Hollyburners paddled and rowed from Squamish to HSC in Ambleside.

Lars & Maciej’s kayaks loaded onto my FJ.  My son, Paul has volunteered to drive the FJ and trailer back to North Van from Squamish.  We pick up Lars and Maciej far too early Saturday morning and drive to the public boat launch in Squamish.


Lars and Maciej load their kayaks while Gwragedd Annwn launches.  Paul waves a final good-bye and drives back to North Vancouver.  No going back now.


Lars and I head out, Maciej will catch up to us soon.


Lars and Maciej, kayakers, the “Cheetahs of the Sea”.


Kayakers are a happy bunch.  The are also much faster than those “rowing”.


Lars and Maciej take a break at Watts Point and wait for me…They paddle easily twice as fast as I row.


Rowing past Watts Point.  The only advantage I have is that I do not have to go ashore for anything.  There is enough room in the row boat to have a snack, or get some water. I row on, but the kayakers will soon pass me (again).


Lars makes it look easy (and it is!).


The kayakers explore Ts’itpsm (Zorro Bay).


I explore Ts’itpsm (Zorro Bay) a few hours later…Those cheetahs of the sea are so much faster than me.

but, I save a Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly and row it to shore.


The Lhemlhemkwus (Islet View) camp.


The cleared boat landing area.

I set Gwragedd Annwn’s anchor.

The tide will come up and float Gwragedd Annwn and will not drop until we are far away tomorrow.


Getting ready to sleep aboard Gwragedd Annwn.


It rains in the night.  The weather liars lied.  At around 12:20am.  I tought it out.  After 15 minutes or so of light drizzle, it stops.  Saved!!  Around 1:30 it begins to rain again.   Rats!  Again I decide to wait it out…It stops by 1:40pm.  It is dry for the rest of the night.


In the morning I pack-up  and come ashore for breakfast (Oatmeal) and leave for Halkett Bay.  I am the speck in the distance (upper centre).


It starts to rain.  I feel sorry for Lars and Maciej packing up.


Lars and Maciej paddle out of the rain.


We discuss our trip plans and share oranges.


Because they are so quick, Lars and Maciej explore Pam Rock.

Maciej at Pam Rock.


Lars at Pam Rock.


Pam Rock sentinel.


When Lars and Maciej get to Halkett Bay, the campsites are full.  Lars decides to carry on to HSC, Maciej will stay and find a campsite for us.


An hour or so later, I round Halkett Point and go into Halkett Bay.  The wind has picked up from the South.


Maciej meets me at the beach.  When Lars left, the  water was above the stump.  Maciej has found us a campsite.


Campsite in the fern forest.


Enough people have left that I could tie Gwragedd Annwn to the dinghy dock.  We leave first thing (6:20am.)  I row over to the beach and help Maciej with his kayak.  I head out while he is packing.  He will catch me soon.

Loading up the kayak.

On my way with the Langdale Ferry in the distance.


Maciej decides to go between Finisterre Island and Bowen Island.  Here is the entrance to Finisterre Island.


We do have a problem, if Maciej paddles slowly enough for me to keep up to him, he gets cold.  We decide to cross Queen Charlotte Channel at our own pace and meet in Starboat Cove by Point Atkinson.

We will  have to dodge the Bowen Island and Nanaimo ferries.

Bowen ferry dodged!


Nanaimo ferry dodged!


After rowing into a counter-current for far too long, I pass Point Atkinson and head for Starboat Cove.  Maciej spots me from the shore.  Starboat Cove is too full of driftwood to stop in.  The current & wind is now with me and I decide to go while the going is good.


Maciej will pack up and catch up to me soon.


Maciej catches up to me at Anchorage #15.


We share an orange and make plans to continue onto HSC.  Maciej will go ahead and I will follow the “Cheetah of the Sea”.


Maciej passes Anchorage #13.


I arrive at the Fishing Pier.


Maciej and I back on the beach at HSC.


Trip stats:

62.5 Kilometres total distance, 8.3 kilometres per hour maximum rowing speed, 16 hours, 37 minutes rowing, average speed 3.8 kilometres per hour.

For the full story and more pictures, see the next edition of “The Spreader”