July, 2020. The Hollyburn Sailing Club Summer Sailing School is running at top Covid-19 compliant speed.

Our Training Officer, Our Instructor Staff and the Club Executive worked all spring on making the Sailing School Training Programme Covid-19 compliant.

We developed a Training Program Safety Plan and posted it for all Instructors, Students, Staff, Parents and Visitors to read.

We posted washroom assignments.

Downstairs washrooms for students, staff. All washrooms are cleaned on a regular basis.

HSC assigned the Upstairs washrooms for members and the downstairs ones for the use of the sailing school.

Social distancing floor stickers in the bathroom line-up area.

We have Covid-19 Procedures for our Co-op Members too.

Our Co-op procedures are posted on the Co-op equipment locker.

We have sanitizer stations throughout the club grounds

We also have spray bottles of sanitizer near each training boat.

Our training boats are cleaned before the lessons start and after they end.

We have a lot of Covid-19 information signage.

Normally we use our inside classrooms for lessons. This year we are using them for equipment storage and all lessons are outside.

Lessons outside, classrooms for gear storage.

(The Crows and Seagulls are not too happy…No lunches to steal!)

Our instructors are mask-compliant. One of our instructors made HSC “Buffs” for our crew

HSC instructor sanitizing the training fleet.

Both the Hollyburn Sailing School programme and the Ocean Ambassadors programme equipment gets sprayed down and washed before and after use.

Ocean Ambassadors crew cleaning their equipment.

Both the Sailing School and the Ocean Ambassadors programme follow Covid-19 protocols.

“Buff” in action.

We are also keeping our students in the same “training bubble”. To minimise exposure, you stay with the same student partner.

Instructor and “training bubble” students.
Social distancing in action.

If a student gets wet, we have “changing” tents for them.

The sign says: “Change Room Max 2 people

Traffic flow in our compound is suggested by arrows painted on the blacktop.

Entrance to the Sailing School

We ask that students enter through our main gate….

Directional Arrows

Observe the traffic flow arrows in the compound

And exit through our East gate.

HSC thanks all of the students and parents for abiding by our Covid-19 protocols. With everyone’s cooperation, we can have a safe and fun Sailing School Season.

2020 Hollyburn Sailing Club Sailing School

Special Thanks to the District of West Vancouver for letting us use the “Top of the old boat ramp” space to give the Ocean Ambassadors and the MOSS (Mobile Optimist Sailing School) programmes more area for more social distancing.

2020 Hollyburn Sailing Club Sailing School

Thank-you West Vancouver Parks!

Kind, calm and safe summer sailing lessons.

Be Kind, Be Calm and Be Safe.