Calling all Paddlers!!! The ‘Round Bowen Island Paddle is happening on June 28, 2020.

Last year the HSC Paddlers launched kayaks at 7 am in Whitecliff Park and returned to Whitecliff at 4.30 pm. Net paddling time was 4 hours 40 minutes, with two picnics on the way: Tunstall Bay and Finistere Island.

This Year On June 28th (this Sunday) action plan will be the same like last year:

Load up kayaks at HSC  on Saturday evening – say 8 pm ish.

Sunday: 6 am – meet at Whitecliff Park with kayaks. Launch say 6.30 ish.

Total estimated time 8 hours including at least two breaks on the beach.

Distance according to GPS late year was 33 km.

Bring your own food.

HSC Kayak Captain Maciej will have a stove so if anything needs to be warmed up Maciej’s stove will heat it.

Please let Kayak Captain Maciej know if you will be paddling: