West Ballenas Island is now officially a Park!!!!

News release from BC Parks Foundation.

Club Member Mel Turner is thanked in Paragraph 7 and the Hollyburn Sailing Club is thanked in Paragraph 9!

It’s official, you did it!The purchase of West Ballenas Island is […]

HSC’s 2020 Forest of Miracles Christmas Tree

Sometime early this week HSC Christmas Elfs decorated the Sailing Club’s tree at the Dundarave Forest Of Miracles.

HSC’s Forest of Miracles tree ready to be decorated.

Fit for a Sailing Club, our tree features a […]

Our own Mel Turner, the Secretary for the Elder’s Council for Parks in BC wishes to announce: West Ballenas Island is going to be a park thanks to You!!!

You Did It!!!!!!!!

This is an unbelievable story. Thousands of British Columbians, and people from around the world, have come together to protect a beautiful place, forever, through the spirit of gratitude. 

We have a feeling this […]

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