January 1st, 2017 is a beautiful day.

The 2017 Season awaits!!!

The Commodore leads the way for 2017 sailing season!!!

Happy New Year Hollyburn Sailing Club Members.

I, Commodore Mike, was the first sailing boat out on the water for the 2017 Sailing Season.
A warm welcome to the racers who braved the post snowpoclypse to come to the club for the annual January 1st race. Thank-you to Nora for bringing her famous chili.

Congratulations to Me, Commodore Mike, sailing Redwing, for winning the first race. This is Redwing’s 50th year of sailing. She was built and launched in 1967! She sure looks good. Too bad a minor leak took her out after the first race, allowing Ben Humer, building on his 2016 racing success, to take the overall opening day honours. With technique like this 2017 will be a great year for this Hollyburn sailor!!!!

Congratulations Ben, and the best of luck in the 2017 racing season.
Who is this mystery sailor, turtling his boat, gunning for the Scuppered Skipper so early in the season??? Only time will tell!

The 2017 season is here…I hope to see all of the members out on the water soon!
Oh, by the way, I have to say that there was a kayaker out on the water before me.
Sometimes the paddlers come before the sailors. Early mornings can be the best times to be out.

Commodore Mike