From 2018 members of the year (Matt Humer and Maciej Sobczyk) to Happy New Year! Here are your new executive members for 2019.

Commodore, Matt Humer

Vice Commodore, Don Smith

Rear Commodore, Trevor Lumb

Staff Captain, Erika Molby



Race Team, Jonah McKinnon


Training Officer, Ethan Plato



Junior Commodore, Ben Humer


Junior Commodore, Kavi Gandhi


Staff Captain, Jennifer Parkinson-Dow

Kayak Captain, Maciej Sobczyk

Communications, Steve Britten

Coop Captain, Rueben Schulz

Rear Commodore, Mike Bretner

Rear Commodore, Dan Campbell


Treasurer, Ken Parr

Hydrographer, Ryan Mackenzie


Hydrographer, Mike Mackenzie


Membership, Andy Lumb

Fleet Captain, Heather Drugge



Chain and Anchor, Nick Bartleby

Secretary, Neil Carrol