Hi everyone,

Here’s more information on the now globally famous west coast dinghy cruise. Dates are still the same Aug 28 to Sept 6.

The plan is to launch from Lund and sail with all our gear to the Copeland Islands. These islands are in a Provincial Marine Park.

We set up camp on the Copelands. There are tent pads and pit toilets. There is no water.

Each day we will pick a new destination and sail out and back. This is more like a raid than a cruise and means we don’t have to pack up each day.

Here’s a map of the destinations from the Copelands.



Aug 27 Boats are packed up and ready to go

Aug 28 Travel day from Vancouver to Lund (camp at Lund)

Aug 29 Put boats together, Sail to Copelands, set up camp

Aug 30 Copelands to Feather Cove

Sep 1  Copelands to Duck Bay

Sep 2  Copelands to Spillsbury Point

Sep 3  Copelands to Cortes Bay

Sep 4  Around Twin Islands non-stop

Sep 5  Sail back to Lund – repack boats

Sep 6  Travel back to Vancouver

Sep 7  extra day

Copeland campsite fees.

I will pay the campsite fee and you can reimburse me. $6/night per person.

It does not guarantee spots, but we won’t have to pay there. It also allows us to use any of the spots in the Desolation and Malaspina parks.


We will have to book reservations from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale as soon as possible.

We want the earliest scheduled sailing. Looks like that is at 7:30 a.m.

The Earls Cove – Saltery Bay Ferry is not reservable.

Contact Heather at membership@hollyburnsailingclub.ca