Winds from the South-West with a 16.1 foot King Tide washed debris into our East yard this morning. Winds from the South-West are the worst at a high tide for the club.

Sand and debris washed into the East yard by the tide, waves and winds.

The high tide was at 6:43 this morning…16.1 feet.

King Tide at the Hollyburn Sailing Club

Member Cam was kind enough to shovel the sand and stuff off of the blacktop and return to the beach. Cam also cleaned off our launching ramp.

It is members like Cam who pitch-in when the club needs them that keep us going.

Following Club Covid-19 protocols, Cam wears a mask while cleaning up. Note the logs on the launching ramp behind Cam.
A big clean-up job. Cam moved the logs back out into the ocean. Note how “clean” the beach looks. All of the debris on the sand was washed up into our compound.

The next two King Tides are tomorrow, Thursday, January 14th, at 7:21am (16.1’/4.9m) and on Friday, January 15, at 7:57am, (16.1’/4.9m). The weather (wind) prediction is for winds from the NE. Should not be a problem.

We are fortunate that there was no damage to the clubhouse or any boats.