Wrong-way Maciej?

How did this happen? Words from our Kayak Captain himself:

Plan for Sunday June 28th was to circumnavigate Bowen as we did last year. On Saturday, even in Ambleside, wind and swell were substantial. Forecast for Howe Sound was 30 to 40 km/h. Not necessarily best for kayaking. Last minute change of plan was to paddle Indian Arm to the estuary of the Indian River and back. Any sudden change of plans has an element of risk – in our case it was the tide. Turned out we paddled both ways “uphill”: on the way THERE against ebb, and on the way BACK against inflow, and strong wind adding insult to the injury. On the good side it was perhaps one of the first really sunny days in this season. We’ve seen quite a few seal pups resting on the rocks on the shore, birds and seals in the water. Three members: Leni, France and Maciej clocked 40.4km – good beginning of the summer. As a side note – my white elaho is leaking again and needs a patch – exactly one year after last leak when we paddled around Bowen. Rocks on the shore do not help with fiberglass .

Sneaky rocks!

Next trip, July 12th, 2020, Anvil Island from Porteau Cove and hike to top.

Contact Maciej at kayak@hollyburnsailingclub.ca

See the announcement at: http://hollyburnsailingclub.ca/july-12th-paddle-to-anvil-island-and-hike-to-top

GPS track of the ‘Round Bowen Paddle.