Sunday July 12th Paddle to Anvil Island with additional target to climb to the top of the mountain.

–           load kayaks on cars on July 11th

–           Meet at Porteau Cove approximately 6 am (to be confirmed on Friday we need to have moderate wind on the way back consequently we will adjust launch time to accommodate weather forecast for Sunday)

–           Paddle to Anvil – approx. 1 hour

–           Hike to the top – approx. 1 hour

–           Return – 1 hour

–           Paddle Back – 1 hour

–           Launching, Landing, kayaks management, rest, food – 2.5 hours (total)

Total time – say 6.5 hours

–           Return to Porteau Cove approx. 12.30


–           Dress in layers

–           Hiking boots good enough for some bushwhacking

–           Hiking poles (optional)

–           Good rain jacket

–           Extra clothes in case we need to wait on Anvil Island until the evening in case Squamish Wind picks up too much during the day

–           Food for 24 hours (for the same reason)

–           Water

–           Basic first aid

–           Kayak gear (paddle, spray-skirt, float, rope, pump, PFD)