Photos courtesy of: Sergey Pochikovskiy, Tim Wiens, Martin Ortmayr (and his drone) and Beverly Ann Lehman.

Hollyburn has good tradition of paddling Howe Sound. Over last year’s we had a chance to paddle and row by Anvil a few times and camp with the view on the Leading Peak (765m). This trip was to complete the challenge and climb to the top.

Team of nine strong: double outrigger, two double kayaks, three single kayaks launched at 6:30am from Porteau Cove.

The launch at Porteau Cove

Approximately 45 minutes crossing on quiet water, with helping outflow was uneventful and smooth.


With all electronic bells and whistles, GPSs, maps on cellphones it was quite easy to find the trailhead. Kayaks were safely stored in the forest.

Start of the hike up

OC team of two opted for circumnavigation of the Island instead of the climb.

The true kayakers circumnavigate Anvil Island

Seven decided to climb, four summited.

Crazy HSC Paddlers/hikers at the peak

Trail is comparable to steeper trails on Grouse Mountain like Flint and Feathers or the Taint. It is well marked and easy to follow. Weather in the morning was rather cloudy, however we had a few moments of better visibility from the top.

Howe Sound view.

As expected, during the return between 12:30 and 1:15 we had some more wind. 1′ to 2’ swell was enjoyable and with combination of the inflow, tail wind and swell we moved fast back to Porteau Cove.

Welcoming back committee.

Head count after the trip indicated no losses or casualties, everybody came safe and sound.

Next Trip: Stave Lake and Robbie Reid!!!

Maciej is considering kayaking and hiking camping trip for the long weekend in the beginning of August with the following agenda:

July 30th (Thursday) –evening – load kayaks in HSC

July 31 (Friday) – early morning drive to Stave Lake

Paddle approx. 30 km to end of Stave Lake and camp at the abandoned loggers camp (it may be relatively slow paddle with one or two breaks – all day to do it)

Aug 1st and 2nd – move to the campsite at the Glacial Valley and explore the Valley near Robby Reid – variety of hikes with various level of challenges

By kayak explore forest flooded when they elevated water level for Hydro project

Aug 3rd – return to the launch and time permitting see museum of the power station; return kayaks to the club in the evening.

Contact Kayak Captain Maciej for more information at