In the beginning, seeped in the depths of time, HSC was a Sabot dinghy club. Members built their own Sabots in the clubhouse. In the first Sailpast, on May 17th, 1964, Sixty-five boats participated, most of them Sabots. At that time, HSC developed mostly as a strong Sabot club . In September of 1964, HSC held its first invitational Regatta from Dundarave Pier.

Archival photo of a HSC Sabot driving for the start line.

From the 1978 yearbook: The Canadian Sabot has always been a popular boat at Hollyburn; at one time it was the only class of boat regularly racing winter and summer, Seniors and Juniors alike.

British Columbia and Canadian Championships are held annually. Hollyburn members have won the Canadian Championship most years, including Gary Sutherland (twice), Clark Anderson, Phil Porter and Melinda Straight (three times).

Tyke’s Sabot is for sale

The hull was designed to e built from two sheets of 4′ x 8′ plywood. It is 7’11” long, 44″ wide and has a sail area of about 43 square feet including roaches. Minimum weight is 75 lbs.

Tyke’s Sabot is for sale

Anyone who is about to acquire a used Sabot that might be used for racing should eliminate those models which are know to be very slow. The fastest hulls are generally mahogany or fir plywood. The boat is sensitive to mast and sail tuning and centreboard stiffness and fit. A building mold is available in the Club. Hollyburn’s fleet has an instruction pamphlet to make fast boats – even from old hulls.

No other boat produces so many chances to race or just sailing for the fun of it, as the Sabot. It is cheap, easy to store, and easy to rig and de-rig, easy to launch.

Tyke’s Sabot is for sale

Built in 1995, a 8 foot Marine mahogany wooden sabot sailing dinghy in great condition. Mast/Boom/rigging, dagger board, tiller and rudder, multiple sabot sails are included. Originally built by the vendor, Tyke Babalos.

Located in West Vancouver, BC