The constitution is the formal set of rules and regulations for the club. It can be found here.

Operations and Etiquette

On the Water

  • Always wear your P.F.D. on the water.
  • Always have the proper safety gear including a whistle and a spare paddle.
  • Shipping lanes are not be crossed until reaching navvy Jack Point
  • Sail powered craft have the right of way over power craft, paddle and rowing powered craft.
  • The area inside the buoys is for swimmers only.
  • It is unsafe to loiter or let children play near the bottom of launching ramps.
  • Stay well clear of the end of the Ambleside Pier as fishers cast lines as far as possible

On Shore

  • A Club Activity log book is kept at the clubhouse, below the upstairs telephone. All visits (plus guests), boating activities, meetings, and events are required to be entered by all members.
  • After 18:00 junior members are permitted in the clubhouse only when accompanied by a supervising adult member.
  • During the summer training period, the upstairs facilities – with the exception of the East room – are not open to students.
  • The clubhouse and grounds must be kept clean and all garbage removed from the club when leaving.
  • Members are expected to check that all doors, windows and both the main gates are closed and locked, the lights switched off, and the heating turned down upon departure.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the clubhouse and on club grounds.
  • Bicycles may not be ridden on the club grounds or stored on the main deck. A bike rack is provided.
  • Pets are not permitted in the clubhouse or on club grounds.


  • Visitors are welcome and will be provided with information about the club’s activities. However the club is not open to the general public, and members should introduce themselves to non-members and offer information or assistance.
  • Adult members may bring a guest into the club facilities on the following conditions:
    • All guests are to be signed-into the Club Activity Log Book (underneath the upstairs telephone) by the host member.
    • Members must accompany their guests and shall be responsible for their conduct and safety.
    • Guests should be introduced to other members.
    • On the occasion of club-sponsored events – such as invitation races and related activities – members’ guests and members of other recognized sailing clubs shall be admitted.
  • Junior members are not allowed guest privileges.
  • Use of the club facilities by non-profit organizations may be allowed with the approval of the club Executive, providing it does not hinder regular club activities.


The workshop is the responsibility of the Vice Commodore

The enclosed ground-level facilities include training rooms/workshops. These rooms are for the exclusive use of the club’s training program during the Sail Training season. During the rest of the year, these facilities may be used by club members for working on their boats.

Please use the sign-up list for scheduling. Any boats in the workshops must be identified by means of an attached note giving the owner’s name and telephone number: good housekeeping is essential!

Note that member boats stored in this area are not covered by the club’s building contents insurance.

Ground Space and Boat Storage Guidelines

The Grounds and Boat storage is the responsibility of the Rear Commodore

  • Hollyburn Sailing Club encourages the sports of sailing and kayaking, and pursues a policy of active boat usage.
  • Inactive boats may not be stored on the club premises and members will be asked by the Executive to remove them.
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate new members’ boats.
  • Each boat must be stored in its assigned place.
  • Each space is allocated to the club member and not to the boat. Accordingly, the space can not be transferred with the boat if the boat is sold.
  • A storage space wait-list – open to members only – is kept by the Rear Commodore.
  • Membership fees permit the use of the club ramp even if the boat is not stored at the club.
  • All boats, other than rack-stored, are required to have their own launching dolly. No road trailers are allowed on the premises as storage trailers.
  • All boats must be set so that they drain to prevent water logging, and to facilitate moving them.
  • All kayaks, canoes, and sailboards must be securely tied to their racks.
  • Chains and locks for kayaks and canoes are mandatory.
  • As the club is located in Ambleside Park, and accordingly the club must maintain an appropriate image. Club members must maintain their boats in a clean and acceptable condition – torn tarps and other worn-out equipment must be removed to ensure that the grounds are always neat and tidy.
  • When members’ boats are on the water, their launch dolly must be parked in their own storage spot to reduce congestion in the central yard area above the ramp.
  • To reduce congestion in the central yard area above the ramp, members are expected to rig, wash and de-rig their boats near their own storage spaces. There are three long water hoses provided in the yard to facilitate this.
  • All HSC sailboats, row boats, and kayaks are expected out on the water at the Annual Sailpast for the Commodore’s Salute.