Hello members — some good news from our Commodore:

Thank you for your patience and compliance with BC’s Phase 1 COVID-19 response. 

As of Tuesday May 19, the province is entering Phase II of their response to the health emergency.  The restriction to “essential trips only” will be relaxed.  In addition the Coast Guard has revised their request to “please stay off the water” to “please exercise an abundance of caution” when considering going out on the water.

Therefore, the HSC Executive feels we are aligned with the Provincial Health Officer’s guidelines in re-opening the downstairs washrooms/change rooms and the Co-op program with the following strict rules:

  • Stay home if sick: Stay home if you have any COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat)
    Hand Hygiene: Exercise good hand washing hygiene and wash your hands before touching anything
    • Do Your Part and Stay Apart! Maintain physical distancing (2 m) from others in the clubhouse, yard or on the water
    • Washrooms/Changerooms: One person at a time in each of the changerooms/washrooms. Do not leave clothing or possessions in the changeroom. Leave the door open when not in use
    • Don’t put others at risk: Exercise extra caution on the water and weigh your ability carefully against weather and water conditions
    • Workshop is closed
    • Co-op Use: Disinfect all Co-op equipment before returning to the locker (follow instructions that will be posted with provided cleaners)

Failure to follow these rules may put other members’ health at risk and will result in disciplinary action being taken.

The Executive is looking at other areas of shared club facility and programs and is exploring possible ways to operate safely.

The health of our club members, staff and public is paramount.   

We are working through the issues and will have further updates for the membership in due course. Thanks again for your patience during these unprecedented times.

Jennifer Parkinson-Dow