On Friday, June 14th, 2019, Chris Bigland of the West Vancouver Police, Squamish Nations Cultural Ambassador Wes Nahanee, Alison Wood of Ocean Ambassadors Canada, Volunteers from Ch’ich’iyuy canoe event at Hollyburn Sailing Club Credit Union and the Hollyburn Sailing Club hosted students from Britannia Secondary School in East Vancouver to a Ch’ich’iyuy canoe event at Hollyburn Sailing Club.

Program leaders for the Ch’ich’iyuy canoe event

With the closure of the West Vancouver Public Boat Ramp, the Hollyburn Sailing Club has opened its boat ramp to West Vancouver Police’s Ch’ich’iyuy canoe “Paddling Together” programme.

Ch’ich’iyuy at the top of the Hollyburn Sailing Club ramp. The volunteers in red are from VanCity, the two gentlemen are teachers from Britannia Secondary School.
Wes leads the students in a pre-launch ceremony. The VanCity volunteers are in red.
After the ceremony has insured a safe journey, the students board the canoes.
Launching the Canoes.
Wes is the first off of the beach. The Ocean Ambassadors Canada students are Paddle Boarding in the background while Alison Wood of OAC helps launch the canoe.
Chris hops into Ch’ich’iyuy.
Paddling together with Paddle Boards. A good combination.
A hot dog lunch was served at the Ch’ich’iyuy canoe event
Justin Borsato, a Britannia teacher, Alison Wood, Ocean Ambassadors Canada, Wes Nahanee, Squamish Nations Cultural Ambassador and Chris Bigland, West Vancouver Police.
Safety first! Life jackets at the Ch’ich’iyuy canoe event.

Chris Bigland email us the following feedback:

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone. It was an amazing day that exceeded any expectation I had. Justin texted me in the evening to say the kids had a great time. He shared a couple of quotes from the kids that I thought were pretty cool:

“That was awesome”
“Can we do this again?” (side bar, we will)
“Why does a bank care about kids?”
“That reminded me of canoeing with my elders in Bella Bella”

There are two more Ch’ich’iyuy canoe events at Hollyburn Sailing Club, scheduled for June 20th & 27th.

This is an excellent programme that the Hollyburn Sailing Club is pleased to support.

Special thanks to Chris Bigland, West Vancouver Police “Paddling Together” programme, Wes Nahanee, Squamish Nation Cultural Ambassador, the VanCity volunteers (especially Carla Kadi of the Lynn Valley Branch who took the lead within VanCity and organized the VanCity volunteers) and Alison Wood of Ocean Ambassadors Canada.

For more information about the Paddling Together canoe journeys, go to: https://pullingtogether.ca/contact-us

For more information about The West Vancouver Police canoe, Ch’ich’iyuy, go to: https://www.wvpd.ca/index.php/breaking-stories/news-archive/1316-wvpd-canoe-ch-ich-iyuy-a-journey-beginning