Andy Hunt race notice at JSCA.

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On May 18-19 the inaugural Andy
Hunt Celebrational Regatta will be held at the Jericho Sailing Centre.

This event is being held in memory of
Andy Hunt who succumbed to brain cancer in October of 2018. Andy was a fixture
on the regional dinghy sailing scene for decades and not […]

2019 Sailpast.

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Members rigging freshly detailed boats.

The 2019 HSC Sailpast happened under sunny skies, with a 5 to 10 knot Westerly breeze.

Some members get in a last minute cleaning!!!

Our Commodore, Matthew Humer, arrives to supervise the rigging of the HSC fleet.

Once a sailor…always a sailor. The Commodore helps rig a 29’er.

Members rigging their […]

Sailpast 2019 Race Results

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Sailpast 2019 wants YOU!

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Preparing for 2019 Sailpast

Upcoming Kayak Trips

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Hollyburn Sailing Club January 14, 2018 Paddle to Sandy Cove

HSC History for Sale!

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In the beginning, seeped in the depths of time, HSC was a Sabot dinghy club. Members built their own Sabots in the clubhouse. In the first Sailpast, on May 17th, 1964, Sixty-five boats participated, most of them Sabots. At that time, HSC developed mostly as a strong Sabot club . […]

2019 spring Club Clean-up a success!

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Thank you to members (in no particular order):

Angela McQuade, Beverly-Ann Lemman, Dave Webber, Tyke Babalos, Peter Kearney, Cole Wurner, Cameron Burrows, Andy Lumb, Trevor Lumb, Lynn & Rene Beauchamp, Johan Dooyeweerd, Nick & Sheila Bartley, David, Tam & Jakub Hoffmann, Marg […]

Shipping Lane moves North!

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The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has changed the shipping channel in front of the club.

New shipping channel boundaries showing HSC No Sailing or Paddling zone.

Why?: International trends in shipping show that ships are becoming larger, Within the Port of Vancouver, Cruise Ship and Container Ships are getting bigger, making it more challenging […]

Spring 2019 Clean-up

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Get on board for the 2019Spring clean-up

Saturday May 4th 9am-12-noon for our Spring Cleanup. It’s time to sweep, rake, clean, wash, polish, paint, put away, tidy, and bring the clubhouse and grounds up to ship-shape for Sailpast. See you there!

Canoes beach at HSC after “Awakening Ceremony” paddle

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Canoes land at HSC after awakening ceremony

The Hollyburn Sailing Club is hosting the Skipper’s meeting tonight (April 26th) in the clubhouse.

Paddlers disembark

The Paddlers will have breakfast at the club tomorrow morning (April 27th)

The canoes were carried up the beach above the high tide line.

The club wishes the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, First Nations […]