“Pedal-pusher” Members arrive for the 2019 Hollyburn Sailing Club Clean-up. Our day begins with signing up for a clean-up job on the white board downstairs.

Member signing up for a job from the job board.

A little double-tasking touching up the interior Paint.

Cleaning up the View.

The BBQ, one of the most popular deck features gets a through cleaning.

Meanwhile, the Sailing School signs come down for the winter. The race team will practice all winter long!

½ Rear Commodore Dan hands out the tools required.

The club grounds get swept and then power-washed.

½ of the club training fleet is de-rigged. The other ½ will be used for winter race team training.

Members are having a good time at the club….as usual!

Cleaning up the Kayak storage area.

Members come by sea for the clean-up!

Nothing attracts a crowd like a member with a power tool.

Fortunately there were enough power tools to go around!

Enough hand tools as well…..

Past Commodore Don uses some elbow grease.

I know that screw goes in here somewhere!

Our newest member supervising.

You know that block you lost last spring? Guess what I just found!!!

Entrance stairs get a good power-washing.

The upper deck and the BBQ get done.

The BBQ is the toughest cleaning job.

Some members just want to power-wash.

Hollyburn Sailing Club 2019 Fall Clean-up

Apparently ½ Rear Commodore Dan has found a YouTube video on how to clean-up the club.

The kitchen will never be this clean again…until spring clean-up.

Thumbs up for the day.

The job is not done until the brass is polished.

Doing the “HMS Pinafore” routine to become Commodore of the Club.

Members of the “Yard” Crew.

The beach in front of the club gets cleaned up too.

How long do you think that the yard will stay neat and tidy????

Rear-Commodores Dan & Mike thank all the members who came out to the Clean-up.

Thank-you to the members who came out to the Clean-up:

Alex & Zoe Maxwell, Mark Holden, Jonathan Manheim, Joe Maga, Cole Wunder, Alvaro Ponce de Leon, Cam Rawlinson, Tyke Babalos, Don Allen, Mike Taylor, Geoff Hamilton, Mat Foxall, Jam Bank, Leni Corin, Mark Fairburn, Angela McQuade, Ken Parr, Linda Green, Jennifer Parkinson-Dow, Janice Zaharko, Steve Cook, Johan Doyewerd, Carolyn Jack, David Sze, Mark & Chris Short, Andy & Camden Lumb, Nick Bartley, Graham Carswell, Russel Horwitz, Liz Burrows, Beverley-Ann Lehman, Christian Rosu, Rueben Schulz, Bernd Groll, Keith & Glenda Danson-Brassey, David Webber, Ralph Ratzburg, Ian Darling, Curt & Laura Haywood, Ian Baxter, Maciej Sobczyk, Brian Pomfret, Renee Beauchamp, Lynn Fearn, Malcolm MacLean, Marguerite Rader, Richard Howard, Don Smith, Brent Foxall, Trevor & Sue Lumb, Mike Bretner, Dan Campbell.

If I have missed you or misspelled your name, please let me know so I can correct this post.