Hello Adult Racers,

I hope everyone is doing well in these insane times. Truly. We can’t stop the fact that we are in a pandemic, but we can control how we use this time. Whatever perspective you take on this situation is up to you. Personally, I’d like to look back in two months from now and be proud that I used this time to read more, learn more and get more fit. I’d also like to be a part of HSC’s first virtual adult Race Team class.

Now, to be clear, refunds will be given without question upon request. However, if you would like to join our virtual Race Team, you will receive a $40 rebate making this course cost $150. We welcome new members too.

The course setup will be as follows.

– 1-hour sessions from 10-11 am on Sundays hosted on Zoom. This will start on April 12th and go until June 31st

– All fundamentals of racing will be taught using a variety of lessons, bringing in a variety of instructors that are keen to teach each lesson.

– Classes will be interactive – not just lecture-based

– When the time comes, we can spend much more time sailing as the theory has been taught.

I’m actually really looking forward to the potential of this. Let me know if you are in, and stay safe.


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C: 778-879-7238

Program Director, Hollyburn Sailing Club, West Vancouver, B.C.
BCom Candidate, University of British Columbia, B.C.