Thank you to members (in no particular order):

Angela McQuade, Beverly-Ann Lemman, Dave Webber, Tyke Babalos, Peter Kearney, Cole Wurner, Cameron Burrows, Andy Lumb, Trevor Lumb, Lynn & Rene Beauchamp, Johan Dooyeweerd, Nick & Sheila Bartley, David, Tam & Jakub Hoffmann, Marg & Tony Rader, Nicholas Palos, Kendra Fehr, David Sle, Dennis Mateson, Kavi, & Liz Gandhi, Diana Somerville, Brian Denhertor, Jill Russell, Denise Rose, Liz Burrows, Ken Parr, Linda Green, Rueben Schulz, Mike Bretner, Don Allen, Rebecca Black, Maciej Sobczyk, Nigel Evans, Dave Park, Dan Campbell, Brian Pomfret, Russel Horwitz, Bernd, Geoff Hamilton, Cam Rawlinson, Jack Pilley , Lars Jorgensen, Jennifer Parkinson-Dow, Steve Britten and Ian & Rhys Baxter. If I have missed you, or spelt your name incorrectly, please let me know (

Coop Kayak repairs.
Sweeping away winters wave’s sand.
The compound gets a thorough sweeping.
The BBQ gets a thorough cleaning for the summer grilling season.
Nothing says “Lets go sailing” like a clean kitchen.
Volunteers get jobs…all the coaching boats get a “once-over”.
It is a lonely job, power washing the ramp for the sailors.
‘lots of sweeping to be done.
Even during clean-up, sailing lessons continue.
On-the-hard sailing lessons.
Sure is a lot of sand to sweep up!
…Yep, more sweeping!
Oh, and some moping!
Sailing students rig their boats while club volunteers clean-up around the Coop fleet.
Knowledgeable sailing instructors rig the training fleet
Big part of the Spring clean-up…The training fleet is ready to go!
Keeping the training fleet dollies “in-fine-flation“.
You always attract a crowd when you are washing a racing kayak. I do not know why, it just happens.
Power washing the club entrance deck.
The main entrance stairs have never looked better!
This is what happens to your boat if you do not pay your fees!
Some of the old training fleet boats are so unsafe that the only responsible thing to do is to dispose of them.
“The Spreader” editor taking photos for the club’s newsletter.
Thanks to Denise for taking all the garbage to the dump for us.
I have no idea what this meeting is all about.
Happy club member volunteer.
Coach boat storage area clean as a whistle.

Thank-you to all club members who came out to get the club ready for Sailpast and the 2019 sailing season.

See everyone at Sailpast,

Saturday, May 11th at 12:30pm.